By setting up a minimum stay it will prevent guests from making short-duration reservations. And the same goes for the maximum stay since it will not allow guests to book long-duration reservations. For example, if you set a minimum stay to 3 nights, the guests won't be able to reserve 1-night or 2-nights stays in your property. Only guests who search for 3 or more nights will be able to make a reservation in your property.

Note: The same occurs when trying to get a quote or book directly on the platform. It will only allow selecting a data range according to those conditions. 

You can set up the minimum and maximum stay of your property by:

Clicking on Settings, at the property level.
Select Manage in the Availability Settings section.

Fill in the minimum and maximum stay allowed gaps on the Calendar settings section.

Save the changes when you finish. 

Warning: If you need to override the minimum and maximum stay settings for a specific period go to Property Single Calendar and update the minimum nightly stay.