The default availability status is the status reflected by default in the property single calendar providing information about the property availability. You can set your default availability status for available, unavailable, booked, booking pending, maintenance or inquiry. To learn more about the property calendar click here.

To choose the default availability status, follow these steps: 

In the Sidebar menu, click Settings.
On the Settings Menu, select General
Then, click on Account Settings.
On the top right corner, select Manage.
Now you can manage the Default availability status.
To finish, click Save.

The iCal availability status is used to set up the availability status every time a new event occurs in your property single calendar. If there is a change in your calendar either through a new reservation or by setting up a maintenance slot in your calendar, the iCal connection will be represented with the availability status you set in this section.

To manage the iCal availability status follow the previous steps as explained above.