Learn how to optimise charges by setting up an extra charge per guest.

Let’s use an example to guide you through the instructions.

You have a property with a maximum occupancy of 8 guests, and you would like to charge more per guest every time the property is booked for more than 4 people. 

To allow this you need first to set your Base Occupancy to 4 people and type the flat amount you want to charge per extra guest. Let’s say the Extra guest rate here is 100$.

The base occupancy can never be higher than the maximum occupancy.

You also need to set the Minimum nightly rate, this will be the default rate if any guest books for 4 or less. 500$ will be the min. nightly rate for this example.

The min. nightly rate can be manually modified on the Property Single Calendar. However, it will not be saved if it is lower than this value. Also, if you set a discount that will make it lower than the min. nightly rate, then the value that will be pushed across booking sites will always be the min. nightly rate you have previously set.

To configure this start by:

Select Settings, at the property level.

Click on Manage on the Pricing Settings section.

Then type “4” on the Base occupancy field, “100” on the Extra guest rate field and set the Min. nightly rate to 500. 

Remember to Save it when completed.

This means whenever a property is booked for 4 people, then it will take into consideration the min. nightly rate of 500AUD as their accommodation costs (if no alterations are made on rates afterwards). But if any guest books for 6, then the total accommodation cost will be 700$ (500AUD + 2*100AUD =700AUD).

Being able to set up occupancy based pricing will help you gain more control and streamline accommodation charges regardless of the channel your guest is using.