This article explains how to associate any homeowner account to a property. You need to link your homeowners to properties, so they are able to view and/or edit their property information when they login with their RentalWise's credentials. 

Note: A homeowner, partner or travel agent are considered Accounts on RentalWise platform. You can create Accounts to these roles and provide them access to your Dashboard. Learn how to create and edit Accounts here. Each accounts can have one or multiple properties associated. 

To associate an Account with one properties follow these steps:

Go to Details at the property level.
Find the section Homeowners and click Manage.

A new sidebar window appears to select which homeowners to link to the property. Click on the checkboxes of the accounts you want to associate.

Note: The user who creates the property is by default linked to the property. You can associate multiple properties to the same homeowner account in your Account List. 

Save it when finished.

Now, all accounts you selected, will be able to view and/or change the property details depending on its role permission level. 

Note: For changes on role permissions and configurations, you should contact your account manager directly or send an email to