How can I change property status? What implications will each status bring? These are some of the questions this article will answer.

To change your property status you need to follow the instructions presented below.

Access PMS in the sidebar.
Click on the name of the property you want to change status.

In the right side of the page, in the Status section, click on Edit.

Choose and save property status.

Here you can decide whether to enable, disable or put your property on pending:

  • Enabled means that the property will be automatically connected to your website (if applicable) and can be booked through it or in any third-party booking channels if there are existing listings. 

  • Disabled means that the property can not be booked either in your own website or any other channel. However, it will still appear on third-party booking channels if it is showing as Connected on the Distribution tab.

  • Pending is the initial default status and also means your property won’t be synced to your website until you change it to enabled however it can be connected to other channels, but it won’t allow bookings.

Refer to the table below as a summary of the rental rules explained above:

StatusCan be booked on website/ third-party channels?
Will it appear on your website?
Can be connected to/ appear on third-party channels?
Pending/ Disabled


Note: When you create a new property the default status will be always Pending, to change it follow the instructions above.