In Bookings, you can find all your reservations details, status, requirements, guests information and much more.


Confirm or reject a booking

Cancel a booking

Confirm or reject a booking

Go to CRM in the main Sidebar

In the top horizontal bar, select Bookings. In this page it is possible to view the list of bookings, as well as important details about their status, ID, departure and arrival date, guests, total booking amount and channel.  

For more details on each booking, click on the Booking Name as it shows below. It will give you access to an informative page about the reservation. 

Here you can also change or edit the information on each field by clicking on the Edit button available on the right top corner of each field. 

Note: By changing you will be asked to choose from another available option. And, by editing you can modify the inputted forms previously filled out. 

All reservations manually inserted directly on the platform will have by default a Pending status. In order to confirm or reject the booking, the user must select Confirm or Reject at the top right corner.


Note: Reservations coming from Airbnb will stay with a Pending status if the booking category is defined as ‘Request to book’ on the property Settings. If the booking category is ‘Instant booking’ the booking status will be automatically confirmed. 

Cancel a booking

After a reservation is confirmed you can also cancel it. Select the booking status button and click Cancel.

Warning: Airbnb’s reservations can only be cancelled on your Airbnb account. Therefore, check your Airbnb account first before changing the booking status on the platform. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens when a booking is cancelled by the guest?

If you or a guest cancel a booking either through the platform or booking channels, the booking will show as canceled and the availability on the property booked will revert back to the status set up before the booking entered the system.