Requirements to sync with VRBO

Start the Onboarding Process 

Listings Content Requirements

What is synchronized with VRBO?

Common FAQs

Requirements to sync with VRBO

Before you activate the connection take a look at the following requirements you need to comply with:

  • You need to have at least 1 property to sync with VRBO.

  • VRBO API does not allow the import of previous reservations. For past or future stays, please contact RentalWise to help you import your reservations.

  • You need to have a payment gateway enabled in RentalWise, as all your reservations will now be charged through our system. RentalWise lets you connect with Stripe. Click on how to enable Stripe to learn to do it.

  • You must set up your Rental Agreement on your Account Settings. This agreement will appear on the second step of the booking process to your guest, as it defines the booking terms and conditions or any other relevant information about the listing. Know how you can set up your rental agreement here.

Start the Onboarding Process 

Activate your connection with VRBO on your RentalWise Account. Click on the link to learn how to do it.

Contact your dedicated VRBO account manager or send an email to, saying you wish to connect with VRBO and you are using RentalWise software. Also, add to your email your advertising ID. You can choose your own Advertising ID. Usually it looks like this: YOUR_COMPANY_NAME.

Then, the VRBO team will set your account and listing preferences so that you can begin the activation process. An implementation specialist from VRBO will then return back to confirm if your account is ready and schedule a call for the activation in order to associate your External IDs with VRBO existing listings.

Warning: When the integration is complete, RentalWise becomes the only system of record for rates, calendars, listing content and photos. Any listing content entered on the VRBO dashboard will be overwritten by the feed.

Note: Where can I find my External IDs? Check the Summary section under Property Details to see your listing External ID. Find more about it here.

Listings Content Requirements

To ensure you connect your rentals to meet the basic quality standards defined by VRBO API, make sure to follow these requirements.

Must have between 20 and 80 characters long.
DescriptionMust include at least 400 characters (max. of 10,000 characters)
PhotosProvide at least 6 photos high-quality, with a minimum size of 1929 x 1080 pixels (max. 50 photos)
Bedroom and BathroomEach rental must include at least 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom
AddressProvide an accurate address and latitude/ longitude (Learn how to set your rental geolocation here)
Rates & AvailabilityUpdated calendar and rates information must be provided.
Registration NumberIt must be specified for listings where the local jurisdiction requires it (open your property Details and click on Summary>Edit to add or change the Registration number; check how to do it here)


WarningThe listings won’t be published on VRBO if you fail to provide the minimum content requirements above. Don’t forget to attach a Rental Agreement to your account and contact us to help you set up the cancellation policy.

What is synchronized with VRBO?

SyncProperty DetailsNotes
Property Type
Custom house rules
Check-in and Check-out time
Property Policies (Suitable for smoking, pets, parties and children)
Rental AgreementAccess your Account Settings to add a rental agreement. Learn how to do it here.
AmenitiesRemember that with RentalWise you can create your own Amenities. In order to sync them with VRBO, you need to match them on the Distribution menu.
Maximum Occupancy
Advertiser ID

Rates, availability and policies
Default base rateTo update the default base rate you must edit the Minimum nightly rate on the Rates settings section. Check how you can apply default rates settings and update rates. 
Nightly rates
Minimum stay
Payment termsContact RentalWise to help you set up your Payment terms.
Cancellation policiesContact RentalWise to help you set up your Cancelation policy. 
Security depositContact RentalWise to help you set up your Security deposit.
FeesRemember that with RentalWise you can create your own Fee. In order to sync them with VRBO, you need to match them on the Distribution menu.
TaxesRemember that with RentalWise you can create your own taxes. In order to sync them with VRBO, you need to match them on the Distribution menu.
DiscountsDiscounts can be input in RentalWise, either in absolute or percentage format. With absolute values, RentalWise will automatically convert it into the percentage it represents in relation to the total reservation costs. On VRBO dashboard discounts will always appear in a percentage format.
Occupancy base price
Minimum stay
Booking window
CurrencyVRBO does not support currencies other than 'AUD', 'CAD', 'EUR', 'GBP', 'NZD', 'USD'.
 Changeover days

Synced Data and Operations
Past reservationsContact RentalWise to help you import your reservations.
Guest details
Payment details
Changes in reservations

Frequently asked questions

  • Will the connection with VRBO allow me to connect with other portals from the VRBO family?

Yes, this connection will integrate your properties with all VRBO network of international websites across 190 countries with access to more than 30 million travellers. VRBO family includes websites, such as,,,,, and etc.

  • Will I be able to connect with Expedia through VRBO's connections?

When connecting with VRBO all your instant bookable rentals will also connect with Expedia. This portal only allows properties with open rates and availability, because of this request to book rentals won’t be able to connect.

  • How often can my listing data be updated?

Rates, availability, and fees are updated in real-time. Property details, content, and any other setting are updated once every 24 hours.