Sometimes you may not want a guest to book too soon in advance or too far ahead. Read these instructions to learn how to set your booking window.

Go to PMS in the main sidebar.

Select your property.

Then, click on the Settings tab bar below the property name.

In the Availability settings section click on Manage.

A new pop window appears where you can change the maximum booking window from 1 day to up to 24 months and change the minimum prior notify days.

To keep your modifications, click Save.

Check here some examples where this functionality is very useful and the implications of changing each field. 

  • If you need to extend or reduce the time until when a property can be booked, modify the max. booking window.

Example: John needs to book your property with a check-in date 6 months ahead. But this property only allows guests to book up to 4 months in advance. To allow John to book your property you should set a new max. booking window.


  • If you need to set the latest time a guest can book the property, then use the min. prior notification days.

Example: Claire needs to book a property for the day after tomorrow. However, the property she is looking for does not allow her to book with only 2 days before the check-in date. You need to change the min. prior notification days to 2 days or less for Claire to be able to book it.