It is possible for you to set a discount in between two periods using a date range condition. Discounts can be applied for multiple properties at the same time. 

There are two types on date ranges and these can be applied simultaneously or alone:

  • Reservation date range - It means that reservations made during the selected timeframe will be affected by this discount.
  • Stay date range - It means that all reservations with check-in and check-out date between the selected date range will also have this discount applied to.


Create discounts

Associate multiple properties to your discount

Create a discount

In order to create a discount you should follow these steps:

Go to PMS in the main sidebar

Then, in the tab on top, click More.

On the dropdown menu, select Discounts.

Now, in the Discounts seccion, click Add discount on the top right corner.

A new pop-window appears. Start by giving your discount a distinctive name so you can easily identify your campaigns in the future. Then, choose the amount you want and select a stay date range and/or a reservation date range.

Click Save to keep your changes.

Warning: All discounts are accumulative. This means if you create two discounts for the same date range those will be summed up. Carefully look in the discounts section to make sure you don’t accumulate two campaigns if you don’t desire to do so.

Associate multiple properties to your discount

You can associate your discount with as many properties as you want. To do so, you have to find your discount in discounts section and then follow this steps: 

Click View properties below the discount name.
Then a new sidebar appears on the right, use the Search bar to select the properties you want to associate to your discount.
Keep your changes by clicking Save.

Create a coupon

If you want to create a coupon, you must follow the same steps as if you wanted to create a discount. They are explained above! To do that select the tab Coupons besides DiscountsClick on Add coupon. Then follow the same steps as if you would create a discount and name your coupon code to give your guests to use later.