LoS rates allow you to set a rate discount according to the length of a stay. For example, set a discount for stays longer than 30 days during a specific date range.

Example: If you have a stay from 1st August to 30th September and you have set up a LoS rate of 15% for stays longer than 30 days, this means that all the reservations with more than 30 days in this date range will include a 15% discount.

To add LOS Discounts to a rental follow the instruction below:

Go to PMS, on the sidebar.
Choose your property.

On the top, select the Discounts tab.

Scroll down until you get to the Length of Stay section. Then, click on Add new season.

A pop-up window will appear and here you add date range.
Then, click Save to save the season.

Now you can add your LoS discount by clicking on the (+) icon that appears to the right of each season. There you can add the minimum stay from each the discount will be applied and the percent amount of your discount.

Click Save when you've finished.

Note: You can also delete your LoS discount by selecting the delete icon.