Add new property types

Update property types

Delete property types

Add new  property types

To add new property types to the system, please follow these steps:

On the sidebar, select Settings.

Then, on the settings panel, click on Property types.

Now, click on Add record type.

Here, in the pop-up window, you must give your record a name. Remember to click on See all languages to translate your property type to your selected languages. 

Finally, click Save.

Update custom property types

You can also edit the property type by clicking on the pen icon on the right side of each property type. To keep your changes click Save.

Delete custom property types

In order to delete the custom property type, click on the delete icon next to the edit icon.

If you are sure that you want to delete it, click Delete. If not, select Cancel.

Warning: This operation is irreversible so when deciding to delete you should take that into consideration.