In this article you'll learn how to manually get a quote and add bookings directly on RentalWise platform.

To get a quote and book:

Access the property you want to book by clicking on top of property name. Then, select Book now in the right corner in the property header.  

Select the Data range and type the number of Adults. You can also click Advanced details if you have children or babies to add to the booking and select the checkbox if your guests are bringing pets along.

After filling all in, click on Get quote.

Your quote will be displayed now with all booking products, fees and taxes attached. To book with this quote you need now to fill in with the main guest name.  

Note: You can also add the booking source or if this booking came from one of your partners. This will allow your partners to view this booking and their commission.

To finish, check the information is all correct and click Create booking to complete it.

Note: Each reservation can be modified/edited later on.

WarningAfter adding a new booking the default status will always be Pending. To confirm this go to the Booking Details page. Learn more about this here.