If you want to activate your Airbnb as a channel you need first to add your account in the Channels module. 

Warning: Before starting check if have any software connected to your Airbnb account to be able to connect to RentalWise. To disconnect other softwares from Airbnb click on your profile image on the right left corner of Airbnb, then go to  Account and next click Privacy & Sharing. View here the list of connected apps. If there is any app connected remove access first before connecting to RentalWise

 To add Airbnb as a channel follow these instructions:

Go to Channels in the main sidebar menu.

Then, in the top right corner, click Add channel.

Select Airbnb in the drop-down menu.

Enter a name of your choice for the channel.
Don’t forget to click Authorize.

After that, you have to log in or sign up to your Airbnb account.

Then, a new page appears with Connect Airbnb to RentalWise. You need to agree and accept the terms of service and click Allow in the end.

After activating Airbnb your properties can be connected at the property level. Read how to connect your properties to booking channel here.