On RentalWise to add taxes to properties you need first to create your taxes on the main settings. 

Follow these steps to add your taxes to the system:

In the main sidebar, select the Settings option.

Then, select Taxes in the settings menu.

In this page you can view and add your tax classes. Click Add tax.

Give your tax class a name. 

Note:  Tax class is a name you give to a group of taxes. Use tax classes to differentiate your taxes per market or property category, if applicable. 

Next, select + Add tax.

Add your taxes type and select the checkbox if the tax is to be excluded in the rate. You can keep addinging taxes by selecting +Add tax

Warning: If you don't select the checkbox the additional tax will be calculated automatically and added to the total accommodation cost, without separate mention to it. If selected, it will be also automatically added to the total accommodation cost and displayed in the cost breakdown during the check-out or manual book. 

To finish creating taxes, click Save.

Now you just need to just need to associate your taxes to your properties. Go to Add taxes to properties to learn how to do it.