Different types of fees can be applied to any property. The most common ones are cleaning fees, extra maintenance fees, or other services fees. 

Fees such as cleaning fees are usually single charged fees to provide cleaning services before and after the guest's arrival. 

On RentalWise fees types must be created first on the main settings before being added to any property. Go to Add fees to properties to learn how to do it.

Follow these steps to create fees:

In the main sidebar, select the settings option.

Next, select Fees in the settings menu.

Then, to create a fee click Add fee type. Also, to edit or delete an existing fee type click on the pen or on the bin icon on the same row of the fee type.

Now give your fee a name and select a category. You can choose to add a flat fee or a percentage fee. 

At the end, remember to Save it.

All fees associated with one property will be summed up and displayed in the cost breakdown as “Fees”, and added to the total accommodation cost.

Warning: On Airbnb the cleaning fee must be at least USD $5 and can be at most USD $600 + 25% nightly rate. The flat-rate value must be within this range otherwise, the fee won’t be exported to Airbnb.