Easy steps to set up your payment schedule and automatically charge your guests. 

Note:  After creating your default payment policies remember to associate them to each of your properties. Go to Add a payment schedule to a property to learn how to do it.


Create a payment schedule

Remove a payment schedule

Create a payment schedule

 In the main sidebar, select the Settings option.
Select Payment Schedule.

Click Create payment schedule to create your another payment policy.

Next, create a payment schedule and type an internal name for it.
Click Save for the new payment schedule to be created.

Then, click on top of the plus icon (+) to add your schedules.

Here you can create a step of your payment schedule. Start by choosing when you want to charge your guests. There are two types of schedule options: "On Reservation" or "Before check in". Then, type the percentage amount to be charged in this step. 
Click Save to add this payment step to your payment schedule.

Note: Multiple steps can be added to your payment policy at this stage. This means you can split the costs in multiple payments and automatically charge your guest accordingly. 


 If you decide to charge 50% on reservation you can charge the remaining costs by adding two (2) payment steps before check-in day.  

  • 1st scheduled payment: Charge guest 10% of the rental amount 30 days before check in. 

  • 2nd scheduled payment:  Charge guest 40% 15 days before check-in day.

This means: 

  • If the reservation is confirmed less than 30 days before check-in, then 60 % of the rental amount is charged on reservation and the remaining 40 % amount 15 days before check in day. 

  • If the reservation is confirmed less than 15 days before check-in, then the full amount is charged on reservation.

You can also add only one step and charge, for example, 100% on reservation or 30 before check-in.

Remove a payment schedule

To completely remove a payment policy simply click on the bin icon in the row of your payment policy name. Follow the same instructions to remove only one step of your payment schedule.