Onboarding new owners and partners from travel agencies couldn't be easier. Create accounts and allow owners and let them log in to RentalWise and view their properties, and create maintenance blocks and check upcoming reservations. 

Learn how to create accounts for homeowner and travel agents

Go to CRM on the main sidebar.

Select the tab Accounts on the header.

Next, click Add account and fill in all mandatory information and save it.

Now, select the name of the Account you just created to view all account details. 

Scroll down to find the logins section and click Add login.
Select the login source (Admin dashboard or Travel Agent Portal) and the Role to create access either for homeowners or travel agents. After, click Save

Warning: When saved and email is sent to the Account' email. The email request the homeowner/travel agent to create a password to be able to log in to RentalWise