RentalWise has a certified API integration as an official Airbnb partner. This article will introduce you to minimum requirements and specifications for connecting your RentalWise account to Airbnb.


Minimum requirements and specifications

Airbnb Service Fee

Minimum requirements and specifications

Before you activate the connection take a look at the following requirements you need to comply with:

  • Please be aware before connecting to Airbnb that all listings must comply Airbnb's listings policies.

  • After connecting a listing to Airbnb from RentalWise platform, the listing will become instantly bookable. This is an automatic progress and cannot be reversed on the system.

  • When the integration is complete, RentalWise becomes the only system of record for rates, availability, listing content, and photos, and these will no longer be accessible on Airbnb.
  • The option to Co-host is not available via API integration. As an alternative consider looking into Airbnb's Hosting teams option.

Note: Use the 
Airbnb import functionality to easily import your properties to RentalWise before connecting them with Airbnb.  

Airbnb Service Fee (Simplified Pricing)

The option to split service fees between host and guest is no longer available for listings certain regions and countries (excludes US, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, The Bahamas, Argentina and Taiwan). Now, the only option fee model available is a flat Host-only 15% service fee that will be deducted by Airbnb from each reservation payout, and no Airbnb service fee is paid by guests.

Once you connect your properties using RentalWise Airbnb API you will be immediately migrated to 15% host only fee model. All existing reservations won't be affected, but this fee model will be applied to all future reservations once the property is connected to Airbnb on RentalWise

Note: Use the rate markup functionality to increase your pricing across booking channels.

The Host-only fee structure will allow you to have a simpler pricing strategy as you’ll be able to set what the guests will pay.  On RentalWise you will be able to adjust the prices and keep the final price for guests unchanged. 

  • Can this be applied to some listings only?

Simplified Pricing fee structure is applied on account level. It will be applied to all listings associated with accounts that have >50% of listings located in eligible countries (excluded countries: US, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, The Bahamas, Argentina and Taiwan).

  • Will the host service fee be taken out of the cleaning fee and any other standard fees as well?

This fee is calculated from the booking subtotal (the nightly rate plus cleaning fee and additional guest fee, if applicable, but excluding Airbnb fees and taxes).

  • Is simplified pricing fee calculation including tourist taxes?

No, Host fee is calculated from the booking subtotal excluding Airbnb fees and taxes.

  • Is the Host-only fee applied to the listing connected via Airbnb API? Can the rest stay on the split-fee pricing?

No, the Simplified Pricing fee structure will apply to all listings as long as your account is

connected to RentalWise