The fastest way to add your listings to RentalWise is by importing them from your existing Airbnb account. Therefore, once your Airbnb account is connected to RentalWise you can later publish listings from RentalWise platform to Airbnb. 

Before starting importing your properties we would like to bring a few points with regard to the Airbnb import functionality:

  • The import of your listings includes content, images, descriptions, calendar and rates.

  • After the import is completed the property status stays in "Pending". You need to enable your property and set up your taxes and fees to allow it to be distributed. 

  • For privacy reasons Airbnb restricts RentalWise from importing guest details from reservations with check-out dates prior to date of the connection.

Note: In the event of any difficulty or fail to import your property from Airbnb, please retry and contact us on if the problem persists. 

Follow the steps below to import your property

Then, to connect your property to and existing Airbnb listing or create a new listing on go the Distribution tab of your property and follow these steps. 

Warning: Once your property is connected you can only use RentalWise to manage your rates, calendars, listing content and images.